Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Honors Calculus

Review for Test 1 is here.  Solutions are here.

E & F - Honors Precalculus Due 10/02

Finish Assignment #5 here.  Extra copies of the diagram for #1 are here.  Solutions are here.
Presentation is here.
Parent functions presentation is here.

B - College Precalculus Due 10/01

Assignment #4 - Part 2 is here.  Solutions are here.

A - Honors Precalculus Due 10/01

Finish Assignment #5 here.  Extra copies of the diagram for #1 are here.  Solutions are here.
Presentation is here.
Parent functions presentation is here.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

B - College Precalculus Due 9/25

Assignment #3 is here.  Solutions are here.

A - Honors Precalculus Due 9/25

Lesson #5 Presentation is here.
Assignment #5 is here.
Extra copies of the graph for #1 are here.
Solutions are here.

D & G - Honors Calculus Due 9/26

Problem Set #3 is here.
Study Guide #3 is here.
Online resources are below:

a.         Limits

b.         Continuity

c.         Slope of tangent line

d.         Derivative using the limit process
             Link #2 - http://www.math.hmc.edu/calculus/tutorials/limit_definition/